the Black Man-O-logues 2

Check out this Teaser for “the Black Man-O-logues 2″ and let me know what you think.
We’re back in Atlanta during Atlanta Football Classic Weekend with the Second Installment.

2 Responses to the Black Man-O-logues 2

  1. This was an excellent show! The experience was AWESOME!

  2. I attended the Black Man-o-louges 2 at the Historic Lincol Theater at 8:00 pm last night 4/2/11. The show was was very thought provoking and provided much food for thought. Not only was it entertaining, but it was empowering as well. However, prior to attending the show I submitted a request to receive 5 tickets and thenreceived an email confirmation, saying that my request was approved and that all I had to do was pick up the tickets from WIll Call from the box office at the Lincoln Theater. When I arrived at the theater it was disappointing to discover that the Lincol Theater would only give us 2 tickets and said that we would have to contact your organization to verify the other tickets. Even when I tried to show them the email confirmation they refused to honor the original number of tickets I originally requested. This was quite unfortunate, becuase from my party of 5 2 of us had to decide which 2 would enjoy the show. At the time I did not have an additional $150 to cover the cost of the other 3 tickets because after having dinner and paying for parking I was not prepared to cover that additional cost for my guests. This was not only an obstacle for me, but many, many people were turned away and disapponinted in this same way. After the show began, the theater was only half full and that didn’t need to be. I originally invited 4 of my daughters and only one got to accompany me, but after witnessing all the empty seats that didn’t have to be the case. The Lincoln Theater wasn’t very cooperative in the matter and kept saying “you have to contact the person that contacted you in the email”. Unfortunately, by that time the show was about to begin and I didn’t have any contact numbers. To my understanding, the yound man that was selling the t-shirts (according to a woman behind me) was able to assist with securing 3 free tickets for a woman who got him to intervene, but that was after the fact and my party of three had moved on. Even though the show was fantastic, this was not a happy experience for many and it could even taint future opportunities when given a chance to view the production. The email asked us to “spread the word” about the show. I only hope this expereince doesn’t smear the “word” of those that were inconvenienced due to a lack of cooperation on the part of the Lincoln Theater. Despite all of that, I’m looking forward into your return to Washington, DC. -arw

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